Meticulous Workmanship, Original Styles and Perfect Fit

I really appreciated the zoom consultation with Babs. Right away, I felt a warm rapport with her and she knew what type of style, design and colours of clothes I liked, and was very happy to show them to me. She has a great eye for what looks good on a person and I am totally satisfied with the meticulous workmanship, original styles and perfect fit of the clothes she made for me.

Moira Davis

You Gotta Buy Babs!

I have been a client of Babs for over 10 years, primarily at the Signatures shows in Ottawa twice yearly, and buying clothing for everything from cocktail parties to travel wear. Total strangers have approached me asking me where I found my outfit, and of course I told them “Babs”. The clothing label has unique designs, is well made of natural fibres, and of course, sewn here in Canada. With covid, Babs held a consultation for a friend (in Toronto) and me via Zoom. It worked so well! Babs was able to show us the variety of fabrics available, discuss size and fit. It was so easy to actually see the colours, and how fabrics draped. When each of us received our outfits, they fit us perfectly. Note: I have also ordered directly from Babs’ website gallery and never had a problem!! “You gotta buy Babs’ clothing otherwise you’ll keep looking like a boring old lady. Figure out Zoom! Get with the Anti-Covid Movement and buy!!”

Sandra Chatterton

Fantastic Unique Designs

Babs’ unique designs are fantastic. I still wear the first piece I bought from her at the 2004 One of a Kind show. Babs’ clothes dominate my wardrobe – outstanding single pieces hang next to mix and match ones – many designed and tailored just for me. Shopping with Babs, face to face or online, has always been an incredibly personal and fun experience. With much attention to detail, she dresses me in designs that flatter me and my figure. Each season, I look forward to expanding my wardrobe. Whether I’m going out or going to work in her clothes, I feel eye-catching and confident

Susan Mcgowan

Babs Designs Are Fabulous!

I’ve lost count of the years since I started to buy from Babs, which I first discovered at the Toronto One of a Kind show. The clothes are unique, comfortable, figure flattering and fit beautifully. It’s hard to find inclusive size garments that look great on, but Babs designs are fabulous. I did a zoom meeting recently which was the next best thing to being with her in person, and shopping from the comfort of my home was truly amazing. Babs knows her clothing and has never failed to match the right size for me, depending upon the cut of the garment. She really knows how to dress women of all shapes and sizes! By the way, I’m wearing the red top I got today and those “sleeves” are perfect. Thanks again Babs.

Kathy Welsh

I Will Purchase Clothes Again From Babs!!

In the past, I purchased clothes from Babs at high end craft shows, but when Covid hit, all the shows were cancelled and there was no way to shop in person with Babs. I received her newsletter with the link to her website and I was intrigued because of the styles and colours, but I had never shopped online. I decided to go for it, and order a shirt and sweater, which I now love! The fabric is soft, the colours I chose are bright and fit me well. I did order a couple more pieces afterwards, including the Louise Raincoat. It is a fabulous coat- water proof, light & packable!
I will purchase clothes again from Babs!!

Leslie Cuthbertson
Airdrie, Alberta

She Makes Online Shopping Easy

An upside of the pandemic is I got to do online shopping at Years ago, I had bought things from the boutique on Granville St. but then Babs decided to focus primarly on trade shows, and sadly closed her boutique. Since all the trade shows had been cancelled Bab’s reached out to her mailing list and I got a email from her and was super happy to buy some great new items. She makes online shopping easy. The tops I bought are lovely fabrics and colors and the fit is easy – just one measurement. Also, I did a Zoom call and got to see some other items. It was all very simple and this may be the new normal. Looking forward to seeing her upcoming choices.

Sandy G.