You Gotta Buy Babs!

I have been a client of Babs for over 10 years, primarily at the Signatures shows in Ottawa twice yearly, and buying clothing for everything from cocktail parties to travel wear. Total strangers have approached me asking me where I found my outfit, and of course I told them “Babs”. The clothing label has unique designs, is well made of natural fibres, and of course, sewn here in Canada. With covid, Babs held a consultation for a friend (in Toronto) and me via Zoom. It worked so well! Babs was able to show us the variety of fabrics available, discuss size and fit. It was so easy to actually see the colours, and how fabrics draped. When each of us received our outfits, they fit us perfectly. Note: I have also ordered directly from Babs’ website gallery and never had a problem!! “You gotta buy Babs’ clothing otherwise you’ll keep looking like a boring old lady. Figure out Zoom! Get with the Anti-Covid Movement and buy!!”